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Working with India

India has one of the world’s strongest economies, dominated by the ever-developing services industry and the manufacturing sector. However, the working culture can be a shock to US or European businesses, if they under-prepare.

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Living in India

Life in one of India’s big cities can take some getting used to, on the whole, Indians are very welcoming and friendly.
Should you rent or buy property in India?
More and more schools in India are privately funded and, as well as international schools, are a great option for expat children.

Business in India

Competition for skilled jobs is high among qualified employees working in India. Fortunately, the huge supply of candidates for skilled employment increasingly attracts international companies seeking to outsource work
This trend has been encouraged by the Indian government.

Indian Business Culture

Indians have various cultural yardsticks, which extend to their business culture too.Having a good grasp on Indian business culture will ensure that you succeed in maintaining a well-earned affinity with your business counterparts. If you are unsure of how to deal with an Indian when it comes to business, we are here to simplify the task.

We’ll Find You The Perfect property

Let us help you with the legal and logistics of finding your ideal property. We can also help with schooling and all the little details to make your move to India a success.

Indian Culture

Things do not happen here as they do back home, be it in business or in social settings. Let us help you understand and learn about Indian culture to ensure a smooth, seamless integration to Indian life.

Doing business in India

Doing business in India offers enormous opportunities for foreign companies. However, India is a large and complex market. It should not be seen as one market, but a series of interconnected regional markets where the legislative and investment climate may change from one state to another.

We’re here to help you and by taking advice on how to do business in India from the right experts, companies – large and small – can succeed in India.

Flight operations Trainer. Aviation consultant for Airlines and Aviation Institutes. Over 8 years of experience in various departments of an Airline, handling Major Airlines, Charters and Aviation Institutes.

Vaibhav Suresh

Commercial Pilot, Flight operations trainer and Aviation Consultant, Soft Skills.In

Learning is not a spectator sport and we help our clients get involved and achieve awesome results. International trainer in soft skills and cultural integration – Bilingual English / French with experience of working in France, the UK and India

Chris Creed

Soft Skills trainer, Soft Skills.In

Professionals that You Can Trust

We at Soft-Skills.In are here to help our clients succeed, as at the end of the day, your sucess is our success!

Cross-cultural integration

Cross-cultural skills are not an option in international business, they become part of our normal way of working and have to be embedded into the way we lead, work and collaborate. Our cross cultural training focuses on giving people practical tools and experience in recognising their own cultural values, understanding other cultures way of working and managing differences and gaps.

International Transfers

An end-to-end service from the country of origin to India to help in all apsects of a successful international transfer, including spouse / partner settlement and help in integration. Schools and education, property, language training, mobility and ‘look-see’ tours prior to the projected move to India. We provide ongoing support to our clients for those times when they need help.

Legal help

We help our clients with all the legal points that they need to successfully settle in India, from housing to taxation, visas and insurance.
Information pertaining to the organisational set up, distribution of work, members, legal profession, arbitration, advice work, employee and employer’s rights, litigation and legal aid etc.







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A sound knowledge of India’s cultural practices and business etiquettes is necessary for any trade or business venture within the country. Let us help you get to grips and avoid the common pitfalls.