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Train the Trainer

We train people to become excellent technical, academic, soft skills and informational trainers and facilitators.


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Transforming trainers into Excellent trainers & facilitators.

Our Train the Trainer courses are engaging, highly interactive, thought provoking, hands-on, relevant to proven pedagogical priciples and gives participants a vast toolkit of resources to make training impactful, interesting, effective and outstanding!

Adult learning Principles

This includes : Stages of Learning, generational & international differences, evaluations & measurement, effective delivery Methods

Course design

Developing shared  goals and objectives, active versus passive learning, group & individual learning activities, effective communication skills for trainers

Delivery & Facilitation

Delivery for different learners, training room layouts, effective training techniques using audio & video, presentation slide skills, managing training  time.

The overall 3-Day program

  • The role of the trainer
  • How do people learn / Adult learning principles
  • Setting objectives
  • Learner project intro
  • Creating content
  • Using interaction
  • Group set ups
  • Evaluating learning
  • Evaluating training
  • Facilitation Vs Training
  • Evaluate Learning styles
  • Self-evaluation
  • Learner project presentation

Making an Impact Across the Globe train the trainer workshop will increase and enhance the training and facilitation skills in your organisation, increase the level of interactivity of  training, and proven strategies to include role-play and serious games into the training to enhance engagement and skills development.

Signature Process

Our train the trainer program enables participants to understand how adults learn best, understand how to assess learning needs, how to write consistent pedagogical, shared, objectives and to design solid courses.

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A toolbox full of usefulness ...

Each participant in The Train the Trainer program is equipped with a full set of tools, including :

  • Admin documents (objective sheets, signature sheets, etc.) 
  • A compendium of Group warm ups and energisers 
  • A workshop manual 
  • Feedback forms for training sessions
  • Example training booklets
  • Self-evaluation forms examples

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