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Corporate Communication

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Deliver dynamic presentations

Adapt your presentation to differentaux understanding levels.


Present with confidence

Effectively show your knowledge


Captivatingly communicate your ideas

It’s easier than you might think


Manage questions with confidence

Manage questions effectively



Project and master your voice (tonality, pauses, rythm & intonation).

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Your benefits

To be capable to structure and deliver a highly effective corporate presentation with confidence.

Manage your stress

  • Why is stress necessary?
  • Master anxiety – techniques for managing bad stress.

The communication channels

  • Understand yourself & your audience
  • Posture – give positive messages through paralinguistic communication.

Body language

  • Language – ensure that your language is aligned with your body.
  • Eye-contact and gestures.

Breathe correctly

  • Breathe – activities on voice quality and stress management.
  • Posture – send positive messages through your body language

A presentation is a story

  • Opening your presentation – with punch !
  • The body of your presentation – organisation and coherence
  • Closing your presentation – A postive, impactful ending.


  • Graphs, diagrams and tables – use / don’t use them and why?
  • Manage questions effectively.

Clear, concise et precise

  • Reduction and consolidation of information.
  • Say less, communicate more!

Your audience

  • Understand who your audience is.
  • Keep your audience listening to you!

Our solution in three steps :

How to become as effective as possible in the shortest time.

Step 1. We meet our clients

We meet our clients and explain the learning objectives.

Step 2. We deliver the training

Starting from the individual needs of each participant.

Step 3. Development

We deliver a continuous development plan for our learners.

They have put their confidence in us

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