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About US

We are highly professional trainers with wide experiences of business and aeronatics in Europe and India.

01. Strategic

All of our training courses are designed to help our clients gain an edge over the competition and are planned and designed after a clear audit and diagnosis of training needs to fit in with the oragnisation’s strategic plan.

02. Professional

We are highly professional and seasoned trainers with an eye to pedagogical quality and active learning techniques, allied with proven lifelong learning principles. Learning is not a spectator sport – all of our training is active, participative and fun!

03. Loyal

We have an enduring goal, that is to accompany our clients throughout the development and training of their people. We keep middle and upper management in the loop at all times so that they become key stakeholders in the success of our programs and the development of their people.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We are looking at working with clients in the long term and our success speaks for itself with 98% of our clients returning and recommending us to other clients. 

Years In the training business


Returning clients


A Team Of Professionals

Christopher Creed

Senior trainer

Graduate of Open University London (Masters of Science of Education M.ed.)
Trained Coach – ESC Toulouse 2007
Director of a training organisation (150 people) 1994 – 2007

Fields of intervention:
Expertise: training and coaching of business leaders, senior executives, senior managers
Time and stress management
Corporate Presentation Skills
Effective intercultural communication
Team Coaching “Co-Professional Development”
Train the Trainer
Positive Customer Communication
Custom training programs in Soft Skills

Vaibhav Goutham Suresh

Consultant / Trainer

Aerospace MBA (Ongoing) 
(IIM- Bangalore & Toulouse Business School, France) 

Bachelors in Law (Ongoing) 
Bangalore Law College 

General Management Program for Aerospace and Aviation Executives 
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B) 

Certified in Advanced Air Law and Defence Laws 
National Academy for Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) 

Centre for Aerospace and Defence Laws (CADL) 

Bachelors of Business Administration 


What We Do Best

Corporate Presentation Skills

Corporate Presentations are a unique way of communicating and building the brand image for you, your company, your services and products.

Cross-Cultural training

Cross-cultural training narrows the communication gap between employees and clients within multinational organisations. 

Train the trainer

Trainers needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge: they need to know the topic they are teaching and how to transfer that information to learners.

Time & Priority management

Effective time and priority management provides the skills needed to make more progress in less time and how to use time effectively.


Positive customer communication

Leran to diffuse situations with empathy, patience, flexibility, a calming presence, as well as communication, listening and persuasion skills.

Conflict management

When conflicts are resolved  effectively, you can also eliminate many of the hidden problems that are brought to the surface.

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